OnePlus 8T Concept Design revealed

It has close-up shots and everything you need to know. However, there is also a OnePlus 8T Concept phone that we can introduce today.
The nice folks at OnePlus gave us some background on this, including the fact that it …

uses a combination of natural design inspiration and advanced technology to create a more natural interaction between users and the device. It was developed by OnePlus Gaudi, a new studio that aims to empower creative minds with meaningful and playful technology and to better solve unsolved problems.

The Concept 8T incorporates electronic colors, materials and finishes from ECMF to allow the physical design of the device to work dynamically with user and software functions. Basically, this means that it can be a color-changing chameleon thanks to the metal oxide in the glass, which shimmers from dark blue to light silver.

In addition, mmWave technology, used in some 5G forms, enables the device to sense, map, locate and track objects. The combination of the ECMF with mmWave non-contact detection can mean that the entire phone will blink to indicate an incoming call and that a simple gesture can answer it.

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