Alternatives to Apple’s MagSafe Cases & Wallets

Along with the iPhone 12 series cell phones, Apple introduced its MagSafe line of accessories, including a range of cases, cases and wallets. In keeping with Apple’s design language, all cases, sleeves and wallets are of minimal design and are made to a very high standard, but they are also quite expensive.

As a result, Olixar released a range of inexpensive MagSafe cases that have proven to be great alternatives to the official Apple cases. With that said, we’ll go over their new line of products and our thoughts on them.

The 100% clear case from Olixar looks almost identical to the clear case from Apple, but offers a little more protection thanks to the shock-absorbing corners of the case. The case itself is made of a flexible silicone gel material that makes it thin and light. In terms of quality, it is still of a high standard and is a great match for all iPhone 12 series phones.

As with the official Apple Clear MagSafe case, the transparent design shows off the case’s magnetic arrangement which may not suit everyone’s taste.

The MagSafe silicone cases from Olixar are again very similar to Apple’s own version. However, one missing feature, as expected, is that they don’t have the Apple logo on the back.

Building on their previous version, the Olixar MagSafe silicone sleeves are relatively slim and light, but still protective. The only downside we found in terms of design was that the bottom of the case remains open, which means that the connector and speaker area on the iPhone 12 series can be damaged if dropped.

In terms of compatibility with MagSafe, this case has the same magnetic field as the official cases. During testing, we found that the magnetic attraction performed without any problems.

As with the Olixar silicone cases mentioned above, the wallets don’t have the Apple logo on them either. The wallets are made of an artificial / vegan leather material and have a great stitch design on the edges, which ensures a high quality finish.

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