Best Apple AirPods cases

Apple’s AirPods have proven to be a hit in a true wireless earbud market that is growing all the time. If you’ve bought a set of AirPods, you definitely want to protect your investment, considering the replacement cases are between them.

First in our selection list is the waterproof protective cover Olixar Soft Silicone for the Apple AirPods 1 and 2. As the name suggests, the cover is made of a flexible and soft silicone material, which ensures that the case remains relatively slim and light. This means it doesn’t add any unnecessary bulk to your AirPods charging case. In addition, the soft silicone material used provides a range of protective properties, including impact and scratch resistance. Olixar also includes a snap hook that is useful for attaching to your bag, keys or belt.

The abstract rainbow protective cover by LoveCases offers almost insurmountable protection thanks to its transparent polycarbonate construction and allows the original design of your AirPods case to shine through. Coupled with a fun rainbow graphic, this is certainly a case for those who prefer a unique yet simple design. LoveCases created this case with a two-piece design that is easy to assemble and also means that the case doesn’t have to be removed to use your AirPods.

UAG; A brand known for their extremely tough, protective and durable cases. The AirPods 1/2 offer is no different and gives your AirPods charging case water resistance, dust and drop protection so that they are easily protected from the elements.

However, this brings with it a disadvantage that the case is a bit bulky compared to the other cases mentioned above. Overall, the silicone case of the UAG AirPods is characterized by a simple but elegant design that reduces potential damage to your Apple AirPods.

If you prefer a much more classic and premium look for your Apple AirPods, then this rustic brown case from Nomad is the right choice. Made of real leather, this Nomad case enhances the appearance of your Apple AirPods charging case while protecting it from the scratches and scratches caused by everyday use. In addition, the real leather used ages over time and gives it a unique look and effect.

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