Best Apple Watch SE bracelets and bands

The latest iteration of the Apple Watch range is the Watch SE, which is now the entry-level model. However, it’s still packed with great features and doesn’t break the bank when it comes to price.

As with any other Apple Watch, customization is huge and one of the easiest ways is to use a new strap or band for different occasions. To help you decide which bracelet is best for you, we have shortlisted the best available bracelets for the Apple Watch SE.

Green is trending right now and is an extremely popular color. Therefore, this Forest Green bracelet from Devia is perfect for your Apple Watch SE. The genuine leather strap is soft to the touch, which ensures a comfortable fit while being durable. In addition, the bracelet has a magnetic attachment, which gives you the certainty that your Apple Watch SE will not come off your wrist. Available in both 44mm and 40mm versions, the bracelet is a great replacement for the similar-looking official Apple leather connecting band, which is more than double the price of this Devia bracelet.

Next we have another real leather strap, but a much more classic design from the team at Olixar. The bracelet is made of high quality, soft leather and combined with silver buckles. It adds a touch of sophistication to your new Apple Watch Series SE. The bracelet made of leather offers the added benefits of durability and comfort.

Milanese watch straps are extremely popular and it’s easy to see why. This particular bracelet is from Devia and is made of steel. The breathtaking net-like design is certainly an eye-catcher and can be perfectly combined with the Apple Watch SE, especially if you bought yours with the silver aluminum case. Overall, the bracelet lies comfortably on the wrist and protects your Watch SE.

Nomad are known for their minimalist design and as a brand associated with Apple products such as the Apple Watch SE. This stunning black bracelet is made from American Horween leather that uses real leather. This is how Nomad leather straps age beautifully over time. In combination with contrasting black hardware, the strap ensures sophistication and uniqueness.

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