Best Apple Watch series

Apple recently not only updated its Smartwatch range with the Watch series, but also added a new product with the Apple Watch SE. Both are available in 40 mm and 44 mm case sizes and in a variety of colors.

For this reason we have shortlisted the best screen protectors so that your new Apple Watch series or SE always looks like new.

The Devia Apple Watch Hydrogel screen protector is available in both 40 mm and 44 mm and a film screen protector that is flush with the Apple Watch. This is a unique screen protector in that it has self-healing properties so that light scratches will go away on their own. In addition, the screen protector is fingerprint and oil resistant, so you can easily view and use your Apple Watch SE / Series display. For added value, Devia includes two screen protectors in the box.

Next up, we have another set of Apple Watch Series / Watch SE movie screens from the team at Olixar. This film screen protector made of TPU protects your Apple Watch from scratches and scrapes. Overall, the screen protectors provide crystal clear clarity, which ensures that you won’t run into any issues while using your Apple Watch. If used correctly and with the tools provided, installation is very simple and can be completed in minutes. As with the screen protector mentioned above, Olixar also includes two screen protectors in the scope of delivery.

The last screen protector on our shortlist comes from InvisibleShield, which are known for their screen protectors and are made from reinforced glass. This offers the highest level of protection for your Apple Watch SE / series. It should be noted, however, that this is slightly higher compared to a protective film. Additionally, InvsibleShield has put its expertise into this screen protector to ensure that the crystal clear clarity of the display as well as the touch sensitivity are maintained.

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