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With summer approaching quickly, prepare for a road trip vacation. However, there is no point looking for expensive sat navs when all smartphones have maps! Car phone holder, whether on your dashboard, your windshield or on your ventilation opening, we have it all …

If you are looking for a stylish car phone holder for driving and you are not familiar with this, this is it! The long arm allows all drivers to read the instructions and be a backseat driver on your vacation!

Our favorite for 2021 is Olixar’s car windshield phone holder. It is easy to use and can be used with all new and old smartphones. If you’ve got an iPhone 6 or iPhone 12 Pro Max in or out of a phone case, it adapts to your phone! Travel without getting lost or play entertainment for the little ones.

If you’re not sure if the car phone holders will leave marks on the windshield, the next best thing is that fits right into your air vent! This can best be demonstrated with the inVent Gravity car phone holder from Mobile Fun! This means it can be close to the driver so everyone will be nearsighted and need directions!

Thanks to the simple design that can be assembled and disassembled with one hand, your phone can still be charged on the go. Keep your cards or entertainment flowing and don’t worry about running out of battery!

If you want options or want to change your mind about where to put your phone, choose the GripMount car phone holder as it can get stuck almost anywhere in your car, including the dashboard! It won’t harm any element of your car and is safe to use.

Wherever it is placed, the car phone holder has a 360 degree pivot point so that it can be moved so that it can best be seen by the driver when looking for the route. It’s also universal and works with all smartphones, regardless of whether there is a phone case or not!

Another option is to use your old car’s CD slot to mount your phone for optimal viewing! Try this out and recycle your old CDs for the Mobile Fun CD slot car phone holder! What’s even better is that you can still use your CDS or your room to plug in headphones for music!

It’s a universal phone car holder so it fits all phones and cases so it keeps your style and protects your phone even on bumpy trips!

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