Best Sony Xperia 5

Sony announced its new Xperia 5, which builds on its predecessor, the Xperia 5. As the handset will be available soon, we have shortlisted the best Xperia 5.

The Sony Style Cover Stand is a popular case with Xperia fans, and we understand why. As expected, this case is manufactured to an extremely high standard and offers a perfect fit. Overall, the case is slim, but this doesn’t compromise the protective features as it has improved shock protection, which is great for deflecting bumps from accidental drops and bumps. In addition, the case also protects your Xperia 5 from scratches. Sony has also thought about customer convenience by adding a built-in stand that is ideal for watching movies and video calls.

Next up we have this premium leather wallet from Olixar. The case wraps your Sony Xperia 5 in soft, genuine leather that ages beautifully over time and keeps your handset light and slim. In terms of security, the case offers comprehensive protection for both the case of your Xperia 5 and the display. For further protection, the case contains a strong magnetic clasp to ensure that your handset does not slip out of the case. Olixar also has two internal slots that are ideal for storing credit cards, IDs, or other similar sized items.

This stunning case with carbon fiber effect from Olixar is sure to catch the eye and will make your Sony Xperia 5 stand out from the crowd. The case made of TPU is extremely light and thin, so the original design and contours of the Xperia 5 are retained. When it comes to protection, this Olixar carbon fiber case only protects against scratches and minor bumps. However, this is expected with this type of housing. In addition, the interior of the case has a pattern that helps dissipate shock and heat if dropped.

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