Digital Spotify broadcasts now accessible via Alexa

Do you have an Alexa speaker? Are you getting an Echo or an Echo Dot for Christmas? Good news. You can now listen to the Coolsmartphone podcast or any other podcast through Spotify on your shiny Echo device. Simply link Spotify in the Alexa app and you’re gone.

Once activated, you can start listening to your device. You can also control the podcast by adjusting the volume as usual, but also fast-forward or skip to the next episode as follows …

Alexa, play the Coolsmartphone podcast on Spotify
Alexa, play the latest episode of The Coolsmartphone Podcast on Spotify
Alexa, resume the Coolsmartphone podcast on Spotify
Alexa, fast forward 30 seconds
Alexa, next episode

Open the Alexa app, go to Settings, select Music & Podcasts and link / manage new services to add Spotify. This ensures that Alexa gives Spotify priority over other podcast services.

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