Samsung Galaxy Note 20

After using the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra for a month, I am definitely impressed with Samsung’s latest mobile version. The Ultra is one of the most expensive Samsung smartphones you can buy right now. So, if you are thinking of buying this phone, make sure you know the advantages and disadvantages of the device beforehand.
The Note 20 Ultra box contains: a SIM card pin; a quick guide; the super fast charging head; The USB-C to USB-C cable and a pair of AKG in-ear headphones that have been expertly tuned so you can hear everything from the crisp highs to the deep bass.

The device is also available in mystic. What I like best about the mystical bronze is the frosted back, which I prefer to the shiny exterior of the mystical black and white. Because of the matte finish of this color, fingerprints are less likely to show up, which helps keep the device clean when the case is not attached. The edge features a shiny mystical bronze-aluminum frame that contrasts beautifully with the matte finish on the back of the phone.

When you put the Note 20 Ultra and S20 Ultra next to each other, they are almost identical in size, although there are some differences in how they look. The corners of the S20 are round while the corners of the Note 20 are square. All external functions are in almost the same areas on each device, so the placement of the lock and volume buttons feels familiar. Compared to the curved display of the Note 20 ultra, the S20 supports a rather flat screen. Personally, I prefer to use a flat screen, but even so, the curved edges look very aesthetic.

This device’s camera has the potential to capture 8K images, and the particularly impressive front camera is capable of capturing 4K images. There are three lenses on the back of the device: a wide-angle lens; a telephoto lens and an ultra-wide angle lens. When taking pictures from a distance, you can use the 50x zoom to take a picture from a distance. Unfortunately, this endangers the image quality. In the camera settings, you can change it so that it works in a similar way to a DSLR camera. From here you can adjust ISO, white balance, and a lot more.

Another standout feature of the handset is its ability to have multiple audio functions. You can connect an external microphone to your phone to improve the way you create content. On the side of the display you can see the audio levels. This handset takes the videography and photography of smartphones a step further.
The lenses protrude quite a bit from the phone. I’ve found this to be a slight downside as the phone lifts off the surface quite a bit when you put it down. This means that the camera lenses are more likely to be damaged by constant contact.

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